Whether it is fashion, music or any other kind of artistic expression our aim is to do sth. poetic. This is something that we are missing more and more in this fast pace dominated world. Zimt & Koriander is an innovative cultural and gastronomical concept. Zimt & Koriander is a team of creatives from various art and design disciplines, who are passionate about music, good wine, good food and creating. Our concept is simple: to create an unique opportunity to experience a favorite performer, up close and personal in a beautiful, inspiring enviroment. Our aim is to provide not only a platform that showcases inspirational individuals but one that also enriches the engagement between the artist and the audience in meaningful way.

One of its unique features is the framework that we have arranged around the music to create a familiar and most of all easy and relaxed atmosphere. The combination of music, delicious and fresh food and a selection of exquisite wines, gins and much more develop a simple concert into a well balanced evening experience of soul and magic. Our goal is to bring together an audience of disparate backgrounds who share the love for music, wine, the poetry of beauty.